How did we cross the finish line?

We were planned in 2008, in a house with history where several medals were scattered here and there. They have been forgotten in different drawers and shoe-boxes, or hanging from the door handles. What might be their destination? Did it really make sense to keep them separated, without any presentation logic?

Our creator, an experienced engineer in the design and small series production area, has surrounded himself with scrap iron and his welding machine, embarking on the great adventure. His purpose was to fulfil criterias of good presentation, organisation and method.

Since early on, we have been admired by friends or colleagues and from an outline and various initial tests, we moved to the final product. On anniversaries, our founder, proud of his creation, used us as a gift to friends who in turn brought more friends, all of them recognised with valuable medals, worthy of relevance and comfort.

Design after design, piece after piece, this idea grew and found its way into the market. In 2013, a brand has been created.

With a wide range of products for many modalities, such as race, triathlon, swimming, gymnastics, canoeing, rowing, tennis and cycling, Sport Contour was born to offer your medals a special place.